Friday, 26 October 2012

Arab Spring? Or Fundamentalist Triumph?

The much vaunted 'Arab Spring,' so widely welcomed by the liberal and left of the political spectrum in the west, doesn't, at first glance, appear to have produced much more than a change of ideologies. In many it hasn't produced the hoped for 'greater liberty' and 'freedom' that many western commentaters thought it would. In Libya, Tunisia and Egypt Muslim fundamentalists have become the govering parties. This has, in Egypt, proved to be bad news for Christians - and the Coptic Orthodox and Greek Orthodox Churches are a large proportion of the population.

In Syria the regime, underpinned by Hezbollah, Iranian 'Revolutionary Guards' and Russia and China, has managed to keep the lid on the popular revolt, resulting so far, in an estimated 30,000 casualties. Understandably their neighbours are not happy about the possible spill-over into their countries. Lebanon has already seen a part of it with the Hezbollah murder of their Security Minister - an attack that killed eleven others as well. Understandably the large Christian community in Lebanon are unhappy about the Hezbollah influence within their own government either. Turkey has had to deal with shelling and air strikes into its territory from Syria and probably the only thing restraining Erdogan is the knowledge that any response can only provide his won fundamentalists with an excuse to start a revolt.

As Christians in Egypt are discovering, they are now increasingly marginalised, their faith mocked and misrepresented with impunity and their members beaten, killed or dragged off to jail on trumped up charges of "disrespecting Islam." A 'freer' and more 'democratic' society is a long way off. As a recently broadcast rant from an Egyptian Mullah shows, Christians are now in real danger in their own land.

Further east, the Bahrain 'spring' seems to have fizzled out, crushed by the Sunni King and his Saudi allies. Similar uprisings in Yemen and elsewhere brought initial changes, but once again the hardline fundamentalists have managed to grab the real power and the much lauded 'freedom' western media were celebrating seems to have vanished into the sandy landscapes.

It begins to look as if the western welcome for the 'Arab Spring' was premature. If this was the 'Spring' the liberal media proclaimed, I suspect the 'Summer' is still a long way off.


  1. The Arab Spring, from Tunisia to Syria, is entirely a CIA-NATO operation. The Moslem Brotherhood was used by the CIA and MI6 to topple the Shah. The Islamists work for the CIA and its friends; they share the same fascist-feudal philosophy. Erdogan's Gulen movement is run by the CIA. Al Qaeda has always been run by the Western spooks.

  2. If, as you say, the Arab Spring is being run by the CIA/NATO its a spectacular 'own goal.' Likewise the theory that Al Qaeda is run by the CIA or that the Shah was toppled by CIA plants. I rather think you'll find, if you go to any of these places, that this just doesn't stand up to closer scrutiny.