Saturday, 27 October 2012

Let the winter games begin?

It snowed overnight. We have about two inches of the stuff everywhere, and it hasn't actually stopped yet. We have another, though less serious problem, we haven't changed our tyres yet, which means we cannot legally go out in the car until the snow is gone. Germany is quite strict about this and insists on 'winter' and 'summer' tyres for 'Autos.' There is a diference in the handling of the car between the two as well and one does have to adjust your driving slightly after changing over.

Our current problem is that we store our 'winter' and 'summer' sets (whichever isn't on the car) with a tyre company in Hahn, and they can't sort out the change over for us until next Saturday (or we can collect the tyres and do it ourselves on Monday). It's our own fault, we discussed having it done at the beginning of the month, but then we had a warm spell and we still haven't had a frost. Oh well, a few days at home won't hurt either of us.

Interestingly, the crane flocks don't normally begin their migration until the first frost hits their 'summer' habitat around the Baltic. We witnessed a small group migrating in late September (which prompted us to discuss changing the tyres) but then there were no more migrations. Yesterday a huge flock passed, heading south in the drizzle and low overcast and others apparently passed during the night. Seems the absence of frost has caught them out as well.

Must be Global Warming ...

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