Monday, 28 January 2013

A Disgraceful bit of Anti-Jewish Propaganda ...

If there is an award for the most ill-timed bit of anti-semitic propaganda, it would have to go to yesterday's Times on Sunday for their political cartoon which is pure anti-Israel bile. The timing was obviously deliberate, since yesterday was the memorial day for the victims of the Holocaust. Evidently the Times on Sunday editorial team seem to think that a few million Jews slaughtered by a state machine are the same as the Palestinian casualties who, frankly, could stop the deaths quite easily - by stopping the rocket attacks, the stone throwing and so on - and sitting down to actually find a solution acceptabe to both sides.

I'm afraid my sympathies do not lie with the "Palestinians," they are, to a very large extent, the authors of their own misfortune. It is strange, when you look at it carefully, that time and again, offers are made, the Israeli side indicate agreement or at a least a willingness to discuss it, but the Palestinians refuse to discuss anything except the whole of Israel being handed to them. It is also interesting that Israel is constantly criticised for building settlements, in the "occupied territories"- but, if one goes back to "pre-1967" one quickly realises that the West Bank and Gaza and East Jerusalem itself, were "occupied" by Jordan and Egypt as the 1948 borders of Isreal included both these areas. That was the UN "settlement" treaty of 1948. The West Bank was not Jordan's and Gaza was not Egyptian territory either - but today, it is Israel who is the "bad guy" who must not be allowed to defend itself.

The modern state of Israel is a direct consequence of the Holocaust. The Jews wanted a homeland, a place where they could be Jewish and not afraid of their neighbours, or that some political twerp would launch a new pogrom against them. Of course, this is not what the supporters of Jewish genocide want to hear, and, frankly, I must conclude that the author of yesterday's cartoon and the Editor of the Times on Sunday do support genocide against the Jewish people. From their ivory tower, the Jews have no right to exist, not right to the land of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, no right to live in peace. They ignore Hamas' constant mantra that not one Jew may remain alive in Israel, or that the Arabs, in the run up to the British bailing out of "Palestine (The Kingdom of Jordan and Israel)," were openly declaring their intention of "driving the Jews into the sea" and "making the Jordan run with the blood of the Jew."

Frankly, the Times on Sunday should be called to account for publishing this cartoon on Holocaust Day. But, in a Britain, where the authors of "Multi-Culty" promote every culture except British or Christian, we should not be surprised they are so blatantly anti-Semitic.


  1. For the life of me I cannot see this cartoon as anti-Semitic. Bad taste, anti-Netenthingy perhaps.
    Holocaust memorial is an important day not to be pro Jewish but an important day to be anti-Nazi ( or any modern day equivalent).
    Israel is not a nation of victims it is a nation of zealots with a chip on their shoulders – Yes because of the holocaust - it will not be bullied. Also because of Israel’s difficult and illegitimate birth arranged due to the guilt of the western democracies for allowing the holocaust.
    My main point remains that remembering the holocaust is in world ownership and not that of Israel or indeed the Jews – the Jewish people were the victims in the holocaust but we keep that memory alive to avoid the same thing happening to other minorities – which perhaps answers in part the Monks last paragraph.

  2. While I would agree with your point regarding "ownership" of Holocaust Day, I would argue that the "birth" of modern Israel is far from "illegitimate." A look at the proposals discussed by various British Governments and promises made and broken by the same, including some rather interesting maps of these proposals show that the Jews saw a sell-out coming and refused to be sold out, and driven out of their ancient homeland. I find the arguments made that the "Jews have no roots" there disingenuous - the Muslims do their best to deface and destroy the most ancient shrines - which lie in PA controlled territory - despite several UN "Resolutions" (not worth the paper they're written on where anything Jewish is concerned) which stretch back to the founding of the ancient Jewish kingdoms, one, supposedly the tomb of Jacob in the West Bank near Shechem, and the other, the tomb of one of the other Patriarchs, in Gaza. It is ironic that Muslim scholars actually acknowledge these "shrines" and the Shi'ite Muslims want them secured to Islam only.

    I think, if we, in Britain, had been treated in the same manner as the Jews though the last 2,000 years, and now subjected to constant double standards - the "Palestinians" can commit murder freely and that's OK, but the Jews retaliating is not - we would also carry a "chip on our shoulders." My point on this post is and remains, it is unacceptable and typical of the misinformation promulgated about Israel. However much one disapproves of Netenyahu, the "Palestinians" are not being subjected to an organised programme of genocide such as the Holocaust was. There is simply no comparison.

    While we're at it, when will the "International Community" make a declaration regarding the 40 million victims of Stalin's "cleansing" Russia of "enemies of the State" between 1928 and 1953? Once again, many of those victims were Jews and other ethnic minorities who stood in the way of Communist ideology? I won't hold my breath waiting for the Times Editorial Board to apologise, nor for anyone to acknowledge the ethnic cleansing of the Stalin regime. I will continue to accuse the likes of the Times, the Guardian et al with anti-semitism. At the heart of their "anti-Israel" campaigning lies their hatred of Jews and Judaism. They want to see Israel swept off the maps and they know that it will see an act of genocide that will make the Holocaust look pale by comparison.

  3. The Monk argues well, from the heart and with wisdom. I cannot counter these arguments but in simple modern day terms we must not allow the government of Israel to have cart Blanc just because they are Jewish - they must remain exposed to satire. The cartoon was simply that.And if nothing else has made us comment.Didymus.