Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Living with Harry the Hound ...

Harry is growing in size and confidence, still very much a young 'lad' who loves to play, the only problem really being that anything with four legs is obviously a 'friend' to play with. The horses round here aren't quite sure what to make of it ... Getting pictures of him is a challenge, my camera simply doesn't have the shutter response, plus, as soon as he spots it, he has his nose in the lens.

He's a great little lad, and he's certainly going to be a beautiful example of his breed. I can see all the little girl Shelties queueing up when he matures ...


  1. T'is interesting how the arrival of a four legged furry friend can alter the quality of life of the dominant bipedal species. They teach us many values which one would assume our greater intellectual capacities would realize for ourselves, but alas fail miserably to discern from rational objective observation. No, they are not the font of wisdom, but a small window into the real value that it is the simple things which matter most. The sheer joy of life, the unfailing loyalty to associations formed where a mutual affection is fostered.

    Only a genuine animal lover understands the values imparted by our association with domestic animals, primarily dogs; for some, the rush to wealth, celebrity, power or fortune, causes the eye to pass over the simple lessons our animal friends can teach us. For others, the clouds of depression blinds the sufferer to the wonderful insights a four legged companion can bring

    Harry looks the picture of happiness. May you have many years of the love and affection only a dog can deliver.

    "I can see all the little girl Shelties queueing up when he matures ..." ha! that little handsome devil that is my avatar is a magnet of the two legged females of the species....the tragedy is, I am too long past my prime to be interested in pursuing any of the endless introductions that that dashing wolf like countenance can be cruel sometimes.

    Loki, for that is his name, has a wild streak in him, and if the fancy takes him, will make good an escape and go off on a wild adventure, chasing ducks, cats and anything else which catches his fancy. It often involves a mad search trying to find him before he gets into too much trouble. Apparently it is a characteristic trait common to Huskies.

    Did you know that the reason many dogs like squeaky toys, is that it is a reminder of their killer instincts; Loki will pounce on any squeaky and work at it till he has removed all the stuffing and extinguished the squeak, just like Harry did with his bed, (minus the squeak). Given that Loki is nearly 5 years old, it may not look promising that Harry will grow out of that bad habit

    Keep up the stories of Harry's adventures, they do brighten the day so wonderfully.

  2. You're so right in your observations, for sheer joy of life, from doing nothing but sleep in a sunny spot, to tearing around weaving and dodging around obstacles to chasing one's tail, nothing puts one in touch with the joy of simple pleasure for pleasures sake than a four legged companion. As I type I'm watching Harry play with some of his favourite toys and as soon as I move, I know I will be "invited" to join him with a game.

    Nor can there be anything better than the enthusiastic greeting one gets on waking, than the joy of a dog at your stirring. Even my old cat used to do it, as soon as she sensed I was awake, she would greet me with a meow, then purr with pleasure as she stropped her face against you. Harry's enthusiastic licking has to be as therapeutic as anything.

  3. Love hearing about Harry. Just wish Champ and Harry could meet. What a ruckus we would see!