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Sunday, 3 February 2013


Is actually the 2nd February, and is also called "The Presentation of Christ in the Temple" or "The Purification of the Virgin Mary." It seems to me to have been entirely appropraie for the Old Catholic Church I attend now to mark it with a celebration of "First Communion" for all the youngsters in our community being admitted to the Eucharist. This year it included two adults as well. It marks the start of their journey toward Confirmation, typically at around 15 to 16 in the Old Catholic tradition, and ahead of them lies an interesting few years in which they will learn a great deal about the faith the profess and for which the Eucharist and the receiving of the communion elements is central.

Harry joined us again for the service and behaved perfectly throughout, he actually seems to like the organ. As soon as it starts, he settles down to watch and listen. Today he had a treat though, since, once the service was over, we had a 'bring and share lunch' in the church and he found himself the centre of attention with all the children.

This tradition in this community, of sharing a lunch after the 'Familien Gottesdienst' once a month is a good one, as it carries forward the sense of the 'communion' being more than just the Eucharist, but a continuation of our shared life.

What is, for me, very interesting, is the number of Roman Catholics seeking a 'new' home now with the Old Catholics. It is an interesting situation as the tighter Rome tries to make their grip, the more laity and clergy find they are unable to accept it.

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