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Monday, 25 February 2013

The Illusion of Snow ...

I simply can't resist the temptation to post the following pictures, all of them, you understand, figments of the imagination according to statements made by "Climate Scientists" and breathlessly repeated by earnest "Greens" who all seem to belong to some sort of socialist collective wherever one finds them.

According to a report released in 2001, "snow will be a thing of the past by 2010." That was adjusted to 2012  and now seems to have vanished from the 'Press Releases' since we got snowed out in October/November last year ... Oh, but wait. According to CNN's "Mr. Weather" late last year, the reason we're getting this stuff that looks like snow, feels like snow ... is that the Arctic is "completely ice free" and the entire Greenland Ice Cap melted in 2012 - or 97% of it did.

OK, so the stuff in these photos is an illusion. Now all we need to do is find the magician pulling it off ...

Clearly, if it's produced by some 'sleight of hand merchant' he's damned good - and can probably fix the whole AGW/Climate Change thing with a wave of his hand.

In the meantime will someone please take a blunt instrument to the "Greens" who keep blathering about 'carbon' being such a destructive element? If it were capable of half the things they claim we'd not need all the useless windmills and now the batteries of solar panels, the manufacture of which is doing unbelievable ecological damage in India and China so Greenpeace, Friends of the Eart and all the various "Green" campaigners in the western democracies can get that lovely cuddly feeling as they plug in their additional heaters and boot up their computers or plug in their electric Smart car.

It seems to have escaped their attention completely that all life forms on this planet are Carbon based. Those demanding a "Carbon Tax" should begin by taxing themselves for being carbon based.


  1. Slim Jim says:

    I'm looking forward to the swathe of power cuts coming in the not too distant future. That should help the Green Goblins to focus on their insanity. I mean, closing down oil and coal-fired power stations and relying on windmills, eh? At least you're not quite as daft in Deutschland! Ah, and carbon taxes are really going to help China become greener too! The feckin' loonies are still in charge of the asylum. At least my country pursuits (bloodsports to the uninitiated, fieldsports to the wise), have set me in good stead for such an eventuality. Armed with my storm kettle, spade and toilet paper, as well as real food freshly caught/shot, I'll be all right Jack. Still, they can live on their virtue and ideology...

  2. Isn't carbon dioxide essential to the healthy growth of plant life? And during this synthesis, don't the plants give off oxygen? Win/win for humans and nature. How can that not be a GOOD THING?

  3. David, in a nutshell, yes. However, Dr Hansen of NASA and others seem to think there is too much CO2 being produced, but the underlying message - which they and folk like Greenpeace - won't put into words is they want a reduction in the human population and a return to "village life." By banning anyhting that emits CO2, they hope to reduce our industrial and commercial societies to pre-industrial activity. That would mean limited access to medicine, a return of some seriously infective diseases and rising death rates since it would also mean a serious risk of increasing occurrences of famine and so on.

    Of course, initially they'd blame all of that on 'capitalist greed,' the 'damaged ecology' and 'anthropomorphic global warming' - but eventually people would, I think catch on. Sadly, most won't catch on until it happens. The bill for swtching from coal, gas and nuclear to wind and solar in Germany is about to bite. Most people here will pay about a third more this year for electricity to 'subsidise' the reconstruction of the distribution network and pay for an increase in the number of wind farms - and there is still a serious risk of 'brown outs' and 'blackouts' in the near future. Wind and solar simply cannot close the gap. We already have the capacity to generate around 16% of the country's electricity, but, it can't be distributed efficiently and it is frequently generated when it is not needed and is not available when it is ...

    I'd invest in candles and lamp oil, except that the latter comes from whales and both produce CO2 when burned ...