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Saturday, 16 February 2013

It's right in front of you ...

An article today in the online version of The Spectator says something very important. I won't regurgitate the whole article, you can read it in full under the title Western Feng Shui by Clarissa Tan. She ponders the pre-occupation many in the UK have for things, particularly religious, or quasi-religious, from the Far East and points up how Feng Shui has been 'adopted' by many westerners, perhaps with some strange results from her examples.

Yet she also points out that, as a believer in Feng Shui herself, she find visiting Britain's many ancient churches not just inspiring, but moving in ways she finds difficult to explain. She mentions that, on her first visit to St Paul's Cathedral she felt moved to tears, and I know exactly what she means - I had a similar experience on entering it for the first time. Even now I am filled with awe every time I enter it. That is Feng Shui, that is a building that resonates well-being, purpose and inspiration. I have the same experience and feelings for Tewkesbury Abbey, experiencing a sense of welcome and well-being as soon as I enter it, even when it is dark, silent and cold.

Perhaps it is time we westerners recognised the very real spiritual heritage our forefathers left us, putting aside the pison of the likes of Cromwell, Knox and the iconoclasts and the exclusivity claims of factions and allowed ourselves to feel the influence of our real heritage once more.

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