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Friday, 22 February 2013

What a difference a a day makes ...

This week has certainly seen some changes in the weather. Earlier in the week we had a thaw and, though a lot of the snow and ice vanished, it still left some cover.  Harry found it disappointing, since it had a frozen crust.

Then, on Tuesday, it snowed again. We got, the Harry's delight, a new covering of the nice, white, fluffy stuff he enjoys and loves to play in. Yesterday we got a little more, but we also got a cold wind, which turned a mild minus 2 degreees C into something a whole lot colder.

And this morning we got up to minus 7*C which even Harry feels is a little on the cool side. It's snowing again, but it could be worse, we aren't expecting the sort of avalanche of the stuff they're predicting for New England this weekend.

It'll be cold at Puppy School tomorrow though ...

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