Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Sometimes you wonder ...

A friend advises me that the Students Union in Manchester recently hosted an ultra-Islamic women's group which was secretly recorded and the video record passed to the Manchester daily. He sent a link to The Spectator Blogs and that made informative reading. Among other things the speakers declared their aim to bring about a fully Islamic State in Britain, complete with Sharia Courts and Sharia Law. This should not surprise anyone, after all, this is out in the open anyway for those who bother to listen.

Nor should there be any surprises in the answers to the questions the person recording the session asked. Gays are "an abomination" and must be killed, adulterers must be stoned to death and so on. It is sad that the Student's Union will allow such views to be aired, but then call for boycotts of Israel and promote anti-Jewish propaganda. They claim to want to be 'inclusive' but apparently that inclusiveness is only for those of whom they "approve." Equally interesting is their response to the criticisms.

Their spokesperson condemns the 'secret recording' and then more or less condones the 'kill the gays' message. I found the response to a question as to whether or not "stoning was a humane punishment" telling. The person chairing the meeting responded by saying

"People have this issue that the punishment, penal code, everything is so completely inhumane, but who even says that these things are inhumane?”

Note that the 'Chairperson' was not one of the Islamic speakers. For me that raises a serious question. What does this presumably intelligent undergraduate think was under discussion here? Getting high on Marijuana? Perhaps he/she failed to actually listen to what was being said, or perhaps, in the manner of those I wrote about yesterday, only heard the bits he/she wished to hear - those parts that fed into his/her 'confirmation bias' that current western society is evil and must be stamped out in a revolution so it can be replaced by this wonderful, perfect, Islamic State.

Is this what the National Union of Students and the Students Unions around the country have brought our Higher Education system down to? God help us all if these morons follow the path the current crop of MPs did - and work their way from Student Agitprop organisers, to Councillors, to PPS and then MP. Sadly, the "Chairperson" in this farcical meeing probably will.

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