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Thursday, 14 March 2013

A New Pope

I find it intriguing that the Papal election has chosen the Cardinal Bergoglio, Archbishop of Beunos Aires, not because he is from South America, but because he is closely involved in politics in his home nation. I'm willing to bet that he will not be long in trying to restate the Papal Decree which originally divided the world between Spain and Portugal in the 1500s - in favour of Argentinian's claim to the Falklands. You can be pretty sure of something else I should think.

I doubt there will be any move toward rethinking relations with other Christian professions of faith, nor will there be any move toward married clergy, much less the recognition of the ancient ministry of women, suppressed since the 600s AD. He faces some tough challenges, among them the corruption within the Vatican, in its financial affairs, in the power mongering in the Curia and the wheeling and dealing among certain lobby groups. The abuse scandals won't go away either, and the people involved are still in power in the Curia. It will be a very tough task.

It remains to be seen, what, if anything, will change.


  1. Oh Monk - reading between the lines Didymus sees some rancour and bile - perhaps as an 'ex' as in excommunicated catholic my colours are showing - nevertheless I am surprised at your negativity. You are normally so positive in these things. As an aside – you know my current faith status – I have been fascinated by the process in Rome.

  2. Didymus, not rancour or bile, just despair at the manner in which the opportunity to bring the Roman Catholic Church out of its medieval laager and to put aside its Imperial pretensions and embrace the rest of Christianity, if not physically, at least in spirit, has been postponed yet again. I have no doubt he is a good theologian, or that he is a good churchman, however, he has one lung, comes from the South American "Liberation Theology" enclave, but a "traditionalist" - a believer that all authority rests in the Papacy, that Rome alone is the Christian Church and that all other confessions of the Gospel are invalid.

    I am disappointed, but, sadly, not surprised.