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Saturday, 30 March 2013

He is Risen ...

Our day started this morning at 04.00 as we had to be at our church in Wiesbaden at 05.30 to prepare the Paschal Fire. The service commenced at 06.00 with the blessing and lighting, from the fire, of the Paschal Candle which will now burn through the coming year at our services. The Eucharist that followed celebrates the empty tomb and the hope it brings to all of us that death is but a gate, a transition to our own resurrection in due time.

As always the Eucharist ends with the great Easter Proclamation. "Christ is Risen!" and answered with the congregational response, "He is Risen indeed."

In our community we enjoy a shared breakfast at tables set along the central aisle, and enjoy the fellowship of a shared meal, each member contributing something. It is a great way to celebrate the central part of our faith.

Happy Easter to all my readers.

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