Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Falklands Referendum

An article today on the Yahoo News feed about the forthcoming referendum makes interesting reading, particularly the propaganda campaign the Argentinians are waging against the Falklanders and the flood of foreaign journalists descending to write about the "illegal British Colonial occupation" of the Malvinas. As usual propaganda bears little relationship to truth.

What I find interesting is the comments beneath the article which, no doubt, reflect a small but significant section of "public opinion" in the UK. There were all the usual comments about "taxpayers money being spent to benefit a few" which "could be better spent on the NHS/Social Security/etc." Even a few politicians would have no qualms doing what they've done to those they first sent out to work the colonies - with the profits going to the politicians and power mongers in Britain - and now wanting to throw them to the wolves because they've become an inconvenience now they want a share in their own productivity.

For once I'm in agreement with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office when it says that the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands is a matter for the Falkland Islanders - not Buenos Aires or Whitehall. The only reason Argentina wants them is to exploit the oil they think may lie off East Falkland. If they were to be given them the islands would quickly become yet another Latin American slum - with any money pouring into the pockets of the rich and powerful in Beunos Aires.

As for those in the UK who can see no further than their own comfort, mostly unearned from milking the system of benefits by the look and standard of the spelling and language abilities - let them be shipped off to live in Argentina for a while. It might give them a more realistic perspective.

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