Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Changing Email Accounts ...

One could start by screaming and tearing one's hair out in chunks. It would probably be less painful  and far, far less annoying and frustrating. The reason? BT, with whom I have dealt for longer than I care to remember, despite a range of hassles and problems over the years, has notified me that, unless I pay them to keep my email addresses, these will cease to function next month.

I have, as a result managed to create a new email for myself with Google Mail, which is fine, but which comes with the problem that I cannot now change the email for this Blog to a 'gmail' address! Why? Who knows, getting in touch with anyone at Google or Blogger to find out is like ... well, let's put it this way, I could probably get to Mars with less difficulty. So, now I'm stuck with a Blogger Account that won't let me change my email, and won't allow me to change the primary email account on it to my new 'gmail' address - even though Blogger is a part of the Google empire.

To make life even more entertaining, I have now tried every trick I can think of (and a few suggested by computer gurus) to get my address book from the old BT account, transferred to my 'gmail' account. Don't be silly, it ain't happening. The BT system says I can move it to Yahoo. Tried that, didn't work. It also says I can move it to Microslosh Outlook. Don't want to do that even if I had Outlook, because I use a Mac.

So, it looks like I'm going to have to go back to basics, and find a way to print out the entire BT email address book, then manually re-enter the addresses I want into my new mail account. If anyone can tell me how to resolve all the other issues, like changing my email address with PayPal, various things I subscribe to, Blogger and the hundred and one things I seem to have a "registered email address" for - please let me know in the Comments - email seems to be a problem at present!

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