Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Keep Out! Stay Out!

No, I'm not on a Fire Safety message, though the principle applies. The US and the UK need to stay out of the conflict in Syria. The UN does NOT make law, their 'Treaties' bind those who sign them, not those that do not. As far as I can establish, Syria is NOT breaking "International Law" (there is no such animal) though the regime there (and some of the opposition) seem to be breaking every "moral" code known to man. They simply are not 'signed up' to the treaties the interventionists in the media and government want to wave.

Neither Britain, nor the US should get involved in this conflict. We are not the world's policemen and all that can happen if we attack the Syrian Regime, is that there will be more casualties, more hardship and even less likelihood of a government that is any better emerging. Surely Cameron, Obama and the rest of them have learned this from Iraq and Afghanistan?

Apparently not, if the news media are right.

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