Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Getting Ready to Come Home ...

The Monk, Mausi and Harry are now just about ready to come home. Today we gave back the hired motor home and are spending the night in Reigate with the Monk's son. Tomorrow we must all face the perils of Heathrow, Terminal 1, and hope that the assurances we received when we checked with Lufthansa after our horror experience getting here, hold true.

We've had a good time, Harry has experienced a lot of new things, but is obviously missing 'his' garden and toys. IF all goes smoothly tomorrow we should be back in Frankfurt International by 20.30 and on our way home by 21.00. If it doesn't go to plan, the Monk is going to be very, very angry indeed. He does have a back-up plan, but hopes it will not be necessary.

We've enjoyed ourselves, it has been fun, but we are all now ready to get home and get back to sorting out the garden, redecorating planning and all the usual things at home.

For now, we are just holding thumbs DEFRA and their officials at Heathrow haven't managed to find some new difficulty to throw at us.

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