Wednesday, 12 January 2011

And they wonder why the electorate hate them ...

Two of the MPs so far charged with fiddling their expenses have so far been sentenced, bringing disgrace and shame on that House that claims to be 'our representation.' The majority of MPs however simply don't see why they aren't able to convince us that they are -

(1) Doing a good job with our interests at heart,
(2) In touch with the realities most of us face, and
(3) At heart, decent folk who really do believe they can make a Utopian society for everyone.

Unfortunately, they then blow all the goodwill by increasing taxes, passing laws that restrict enterprise and curtail business, destroy the Armed Forces and give themselves a massive pay rise. Then their Civil Service chums get on the bandwagon and get even more worthless parasites into cushy ministry jobs and nice inflation busting increases for the top Civil Servants as well ... Oh dear, we'll need to put up the taxes again to pay for it.

Where did all the industrial jobs go? Into Whitehall Bureaucracy and Union Headquarters.
Where did all the commercial jobs go? Similar route, but now all owned by offshore investors.

Our parliamentarians think we are blind, stupid and gullible, so its nice to see them get their fingers burned occasionally. Let's hope a few more get to see the inside of one of HM's Holiday Camps.

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