Sunday, 2 January 2011

Snow more snow ....

S'no fun now, it turned to slush, then ice, then slush again, then we got some more snow... Now we have huge banks of the stuff which has compacted and solidified, just in our little corner of the Taunus we could probably rebuild one or two galciers.

I suppose I have an inconvenient memory in many ways. Just three years ago, I recall reading in a supposedly 'learned' journal, that snow in winter was becoming a very rare event and would have vanished from memory with my lifetime. All the fault of Anthropomorphic Global Warming - read "Western Industry and Greedy Capitalists" - and now the same journal is publishing articles telling me that, as a result of AGW, I should expect colder winters, wetter summers and more snow and ice. The reason, they say, is that more warmth means more evaporation and that means more clouds and more precipitation ...

I'm afraid I got cross as I started to read the comments section and came across one which said that more snow would increase the heat trapped in the ground and therefore speed up the melting of the glaciers and Ice Caps ensuring that everyone drowned by the end of this century. From Autralia I hear too that the Greens/AGW mob there are already claiming that the floods and snow on the Snowy Mountains is AGW related... The farmers take a different view of course, but then they are only farmers and have singularly failed to ensure that they infest Canberra to present only their blinkered view.

For me, the ultimate insult to intelligence is to constantly be told that the year just past is the "warmist on record" when for quite a bit of it I was wearing thermals! The revelation that this claim is based on averaging the fifteen HIGHEST temperatures in any given three month period tells you how the AGW mob maintain their illusions. I find myself resigned to the idea that somewhere down the line of 2011 we will again start to hear how the US, Europe and the West must make huge and disasterously expensive and impossibly large cuts in our CO2 emissions as "2011 has become the hottest year on record, surpassing 2010."

Here's my prediction as I watch snow waft slowly past my window yet again, it will be like last summer, a warm period, followed by cooler wetter weather for most of us and another cold wet or snowy winter.

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