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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Snow free ...

We're more or less snow free, thanks to a warm front and plenty of rain. One thing we haven't got to worry about up here on our mountaintop is the flooding down in the Rhine, Main, Moself and other river valleys. Fulda, not that far from us, is threatened, Zell on the Mosel is underwater - the Mosel is reported to be running at 6 metres (20 feet) above normal. The Rhine is already running high, but as the Main, Mosel and all the other 'tributaries' send their water into it, this could get interesting below Koblenz...

Still, it's nice to enjoy the sight of grass and other vegetation, not covered in the white stuff. Still, it's early days, and there is a cold front heading this way for next week. It remeains to be seen what we get in the next couple of months. Meantime, I'm enjoying the thaw!

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