Tuesday, 18 January 2011

E-Publishing ...

Seems to be getting harder to get into. I filled in the enquiry and agreement forms to get my books onto Amazon's Kindle some while ago, but have had no response from them at all - except from their 'in house' self publishing service, offering to 'publish' my books already in print.

Sometimes you do wonder about these organisations, but I expect they're swamped with frustrated authors trying to get published as well. Recently I learned that major agencies and publishers based in New York are not accepting anything new or anyone new, again, they're swamped and the economics of traditional publishing means that it isn't a foregone conclusion that a book will recover the cost of printing it. I'm sure there are many reasons for this, but it does seem to me that one reason so few of the men I talk to bother reading these days is because there is so little published they actually want to read.

Ah well, I'll keep pushing and hope Amazon get to me eventually.

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