Monday, 21 March 2011

An amusing take on the Royal Nuptials....

It's a while since I posted anything from Darryl Ashton, so here's his latest poetic take on an item in the forefront of the UK Media circus ...


Now I’m quite a fan of the Royals
And I do think that they are all Spoyals
The Royals I like, can be boiled in a pan,
And be served with butter, by Gran!

Now William has popped the question at last
To Kate, who’s now in full cast
She will travel by Limo to the Abby to wed,
But leave in a carriage instead.

A sumptuous banquet with Nobs and Lords
Will be served at the elegant Halls
As the gourmet of class, is matched by the glass,
Of Champagne, that has been on ice.

I can see them all now in their gowns,
Twirling around all the grounds
What a bash it will be, with a good cuppa’ tea,
Please, won’t you save some for me?

The day is to be a Bank holiday.
And beamed all around in the sky,
That all Lands can watch, and drink their scotch,
To say cheers – and do the “Hop – Scotch”

As the wedding is now all complete,
And William and Kate say: Goodneet!
As they head off to their chambers,
with Kate in her knickers,
And William having probs’ with his kickers!

Prince Charles says: go for it Wills,
But Camilla, is reaching for the pills.
It don’t take long, for the noises to throng,
And suddenly; Kate bursts into song.

But during the hours of morn,
There are noises a – coming, from the lawn:
Who could it be at this unwarranted hour?
A spirit, could well be…Diana?

Your mum is watching us make whoopie?
That’s not very gracious, you agree?
I don’t know – what she wants, says Wills,
But her presence – is giving “me” the Willy’s!



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