Sunday, 13 March 2011

The power of nature ...

The quake in Japan is a truly awesome reminder of the power of nature. An earthquake of this magnitude - does it really matter if it was 8.9 or 9.0 on the Richter scale? - unleashes forces humanity can't even beging to comprehend. Watching the YouTube videos of the tsunami makes one very aware of the power of water as well.

The reports I'm seeing suggest the death toll is likely to be over 10,000 and I suspect that is on the low end of this disaster. I'm glad to see the US has sent one of their giant carriers to the scene and that it is already engaged in humanitarian relief, refueling Japanese rescue aircraft and providing emergency hospital services and clean water as well as troops and sailors to help in the rescue effort. A pity the UK is not in a position to do anything similar - all our mini-carriers are now either scrapped or out of service and the new ones, if they are ever finished, won't be available for another 10 years. So much for the UK being a "Global Power" these days...

At least the Emergency Services have been able to respond, sending a corps of volunteers to join the massive international relief effort.

All the rest of us can really do is pray for those affected by this massive tragedy - and hope that the world will respond generously when the rebuilding can be started.

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