Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Some informative links to the nuclear discussion

I have found a number of informative articles posted about the nuclear power plant emergency in Japan. I have to say that nearly all of them have comments attached by idiots who are obviously Greenpeace trolls who simply hate anyone arguing with their "ban all nuclear and let's live in caves" point of view.

Bravenewclimate has some very good information and illustrations on the construction and design of the reactors involved. They are Boiling Water Reactors, similar to Pressurised Water Reactors and totally unlike the modified Magnox type that was involved at Chernobyl.

Another site, ANS Nuclear Cafe, has regular updates on the situation and some really intelligent discussions from people who work in the industry and know what they are talking about.

Another very lucid article appears on the website Morgsatlarge - Blogoriphic. It has a fairly lengthy introduction, but is written by an engineer and addresses the procedures and the problems that have arisen. I note that it also links to both the sites I have linked above.

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