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Thursday, 24 March 2011

CO2, Facts and Fantasies ...

I got this fascinating survey from a friend and felt it ought to be shared here. In Fact, I think it should be splashed across the blogosphere since it blows up a lot of the mythology Greenpeace and others have poisoned the climate debate with.This is a study done by a scientist, and the results are astonishing ...

How Well Has The Media And Government Informed The Public About CO2 Levels In The Air?

Ask yourself, your friends, family and work associates if they know the answers to the following questions about Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Be sure to write your answers before looking at the following pages.

Question 1. What percentage of the atmosphere do you think is CO2?

Question 2. Have you ever seen the percentage given in any media?

Question 3. What percentage of the CO2 is man-made?

Question 4. What percentage of the man-made CO2 does Australia produce?

Question 5. Is CO2 is a pollutant?

Question 6. Have you ever seen any evidence that CO2 causes a greenhouse effect?

I have asked over 100 people these questions. Virtually everyone says they don’t know the answers so ask them to tell you what their perception is by what they have learnt from the media, the government and Green groups. Let them know there is no right or wrong answer as you are just doing a survey as to what people have perceived the answers to be from these sources.
The answers to these questions are fundamental to evaluating the global warming scare YET almost no one knows the facts. However, without this knowledge we can’t make an informed decision about whether Climate Change is natural or not.
On the following pages are respondent’s perceptions followed by the correct answers. The bulk of the respondents (over 100 to date) are educated fairly well to very well. They comprise business managers in a diversity of large and small companies, those in medical profession, accounting, law, sales, engineering as well as scientists and trades people.

The answers will appear tomorrow - and I can promise that readers of this Blog will be astonished, amazed and perhaps even enraged by them...


  1. I am interested to see the answers tomorrow compared to what I think they are... I'm going to behave and not do google searches since you are posting them here.

  2. 1. <4%
    2. No, just the Web.
    3. ~3.5%
    4. ~1%
    5. Nah.
    6. No; claims of classic lab demonstrations with pure, still, CO2 in glass containers. Not in mixed atmospheres in motion, though.

  3. Sorry, was half asleep when I did that.
    1. <0.04% (<4% of 1%) That is: <400 parts per million.

    The other answers are fine.