Tuesday, 22 March 2011

International Aid ...

Thanks to the Postulant for bringing this and the link following to my attention. It is a small cartoon to my attention. It really does encapsulate the sort of twisted morality our media driven society has become.

I guess I've become far too cynical as I've grown older. Someone once said a week was a long time in politics, but I can't escape the feeling that if the Japanese earthquake had not involved the Fukushima nuclear plant, it would have already vanished to pages 5 or 6 of the dailies. As for the Aid fundraising for these things and the 'celebrities' who rush forward to help - I suspect most of it is about getting the 'media exposure' they need to stay in the limelight.

OK, so that is a little harsh, many do give generously, but in proportion to what is given by ordinary folk, it really is a case of farthings in terms of what they make out of the adoration and adulation of the gullible who will now keep thinking 'how generous 'X' was in the ....'

The people I really admire in all this are those who have gone over there and worked in the debris, the muck, the stench (Yes, stench of the detritus that was once a town/city/home...) and especially the fire fighters who have taken on the task of dealing with the overheating reactors 'up close and personal,' knowing they face serious illnesses at best and the likelihood of an early demise at worst.

Yes, our donations will help, and yes, we should be generous - in fact we must be generous, but let's have a lot less spin, blatant advertising and a lot more honest to goodness truth.

Oh, sorry, I forgot, we're dealing with the media here ...

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