Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Conference on Islam in Germany

I am fascinated and annoyed by the current conference on the position of Islam in Germany currently underway in Bavaria. All the usual demands for "equity" with Christianity and "recognition of the 'right' to special treatment" are on the table. One political Party has, apparently withdrawn from the conference already.

I'm irritated by these demands and by the usual spineless crew of godless politicians who know so little about their own heritage and faith that they fail utterly to see the traps they are laying for the future every time they make some concession to those 'representing' the Islamic case. Where are the demands that Christianity be given equal status with Islam in Turkey, Albania and Kosovo? What about Syria, Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia where practicing Christianity in 'public' - which can be your own home in the presence of a Muslim! - is a capital offence?

I am perfectly happy for those who follow Islam to be permitted to do so. What I am not happy about is the removal of Gideon's Bibles from hotel rooms, the banning of Christian symbols and even the discussion around dropping or renaming the Holocaust Memorial Day because the Islamic Leadership don't approve of it.

- Islam has declared that the Christian doctrine of the Trinity is "Blasphemy." Blasphemy carries the death penalty in Sharia Law...

- Pakistan has a 'Blasphemy' Law that is regularly used to dispossess Christians of property and land, several have recently been stoned to death for supposed 'blasphemy' at the behest of Mullahs. Where is the Western politician demanding a cessation?

- Islam teaches that Christians are followers of a 'false' Faith, though their Prophet describes Christians and Jews as "People of the Book" - yet Christian Churches are now regularly attacked, worship prevented or disrupted and worshipers beaten and murdered - but western politicians say and do nothing.

- Christians may not hold positions of 'authority' over Muslims in almost every 'Muslim' country, yet in the UK, Islam is now being promoted as a 'truer religion' than Christianity and Muslims are being promoted ever higher in Government posts over Christians, Agnostics and Atheists alike.

- Turkey closed the last Seminary for the Armenian and Orthodox Churches in Turkey 40 years ago - and passed a law that only a 'native born' Turk may be the Patriarch. He must also have been trained in Turkey. The present Patriarch is likely to be the last, unless this law is changed.

It is time to insist on ground rules that are the same for everyone. If Islam wants to be accepted and allowed the freedoms of the west, then it must be compelled to grant them in the lands it dominates. There must be no compromise on this.

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