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Friday, 24 June 2011

Corpus Christi ...

Yesterday saw the Feast of Corpus Christi well and truly celebrated in Germany. Certainly in those parts where the Catholic Church influence is strong. For most of the Lande it was a Feiertag - a public holiday and many of the cathedral cities also marked it with a special Mass followed by processions through the streets.

It is nice to see a country that is still proud to celebrate the contribution of Christianity to its development despite the problems and the negative issues arising from the abuse scandals that have rocked the Roman Catholic Church. Much is made of the various high Holy Feasts here and it is good to see the children being given a prominent part in these celebrations.

The Feast itself marks the institution of the Eucharist as the physical representation of Christ Himself in the bread and wine of the Communion we share, an institution He commanded at the Last Supper. For the Roman Church the Bread and Wine become in the Transubstantiation, the physical Body and Blood, for others the Host and the Wine are an outward symbol of a deep spiritual grace. However Christians see it, the Eucharist of Bread and Wine should be celebrated as often as we can - it is, after all, what sets our Faith apart from all others most visibly.

We meet in His Name; we share His gifts of the Body and Blood and His eternal peace and hope.

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