Monday, 6 June 2011

D-Day and all that ...

As I showered this morning I was thinking of the men who disgorged from the LCIs, LCTs and other assorted craft as the sun rose on this date in 1944. The beautiful sunrise here was nothing like what those troops and men experienced as they walked ran and fell along the beaches of Normandy 67 years ago today in a hail of shell fire, bombs, machine gun bullets and booby-traps.

It is to them that we owe our freedom today, not that our current crop of worthless bureaucrats and politicians care, nor have we done with that freedom, what our fathers and mothers fought, died and hoped for.

I commented once before that the Normandy landings were also the beginning of freedom for the German people as well as for Europe. Not all Germans were Nazi supporters and not all French, British and Allies were anti-Nazi. As ever the truth is a somewhat mixed bag and the allies certainly faced an uphill and bloody struggle as they pushed the troops ashore and advanced by inches marked in wounded men and deaths.

It is probably the greatest moment in the history of western civilisation.

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