Saturday, 25 June 2011

Fool Britannia ...

Is the title of a book I am reading at present. It is an obvious swipe at Blair's Nu Liebor "Cool Britannia" and is a compilation of stories about the way in which "Political Correctness" is slowly but steadily imposing upon the law abiding citizens of Britain, a Soviet Style state in which officials, neighbours and Quangos have the power to enter homes, restrict speech and impose fines and penalties for beaching some of the more than 1,000 pieces of legislation Liebor imposed in the last 13 years they were in power.

Did you know that redecorating your home while expecting a new baby could get you onto a Councils Child Protection Register? Well it can. Council "Inspectors" have the right and the power of entry to check a persons home - once protected by Magna Carta from the intrusion of the State on any grounds save a criminal offence and then only with a Warrant from a Magistrate - for any one of several hundred "offences" including keeping pot plants improperly!

Blair and his PC "Luvvies" have created almost 1600 Quangos, answerable to no one but themselves and handed out powers to every petty official that intrude and impinge upon the freedom of the individual in ways that, in most countries, would have people out on the streets hanging officials and beheading politicians.

The Stasi in East Germany would have loved to have the power Blair has given Town Hall nobodies. I commend to everyone the book, "Fool Britannia," published by Pen and Sword Books. I have no doubt it will enrage, amuse and instill feelings of utter despair ...

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