Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sweet Justice?

You have to love the story from the US where a Bank (Bank of America) fouled up a property purchase which didn't involve a bank loan or mortgage. Somehow the bank 'lost' the homeowners payment - purchase price and fees paid in full on date of purchase - and then, some months later tried to foreclose on the property for non-payment of a non-existent mortgage.

The owner's attorney won the subsequent court case and the court ordered the bank to pay the family's legal costs - as you may imagine, quite a substantial amount. Several months later, the bank had still not paid the fees.

Top marks to the attorney, he foreclosed on the bank ...

What a great advert for a bank to have the bailiffs show up with a court order to seize the banks furniture, fittings and the cash in the cashiers drawers for non-payment of a debt. Apparently the manager was visibly shaken and "felt intimidated" by the experience. I bet. Now I guess he and his superiors have some idea of what they do to the folk they put the squeeze on when they're having a rough time financially.

I'd put this one on the top of my list of "Justice: Seen to be done."

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