Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Cool Britannia, home of the whinging neighbour?

The Online newspaper, "The Metro," carried a report yesterday that about sums up the mess Britain has descended into with the nannying and touchy-feely decade of the Blair's "Cool Britannia." Among the more stupid things his government did was create a framework for neighbours to spy on neighbours, to complain about them and to campaign against them. The headline says it all really-

Parents of toddler threatened with fine over noises he makes in garden

Frankly the complainant should be exposed and publicly shamed. Children are noisy and they certainly can get on your nerves, especially when they misbehave (But I bet the same neighbour would be quick to report any attempt to discipline the kid to Social Services if the parents dared to do so!), but one does have to accept that they need to let off steam and play noisily sometimes. OK, so this kid loves to play football. I'd be willing to bet that he kicks the ball against the fence - because it makes a great 'bang' which is very satisfying to a small boy. But for Pete's sake, why not just have a word with the parents instead of threatening to bring the whole "noise abatement" machine into operation to deal with a 4 year old.

Britain is, indeed, a sad place these days. Bad neighbours, spying neighbours, out of control teenagers, jobs worth civil servants ruining everything, politicians who haven't a clue and a media that blames it all on "Europe."


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