Saturday, 6 August 2011

Pro-Life, or Pro-Death?

The current 'scandal' in the Guardian, that rag of monumental misinformation subsidised by the UK taxpayers and the BBC Licence Fee, is the supposed "expose'" by a "charity" called "Education for Choice" which - presumably with completely innocent and open minded intentions - sent a "mystery shopper" to the offices of another charity which opposes abortion. Surprise, surprise, in a series of very loaded questions, the "mystery shopper" managed to "expose" the charity's part-time counselor as "failing to offer advice which was pro-abortion." The Blog Archbishop Cranmer has a great deal more detail on the issue, including the blatant bias and anti-ethics and immorality of the complainants.

According to "Education for Choice" an unborn child has no life and no right to life. Their counselors never mention any alternative - such as adoption - to any woman seeking advice. According to them, there is only one option and it isn't life for the unborn child.

I have a very simple solution to this "scandal" as the Guardian and the editor of The Humanist portray it - I would like the government to make it compulsory for all pro-abortion counselors to attend and watch abortions on the ultra-sound scans while they are performed BEFORE they are allowed to be licenced to counsel for it. The second change I want to see is one which switches the funding away from abortion. At present these "clinics" are paid per abortion and receive nothing if there isn't one. I suggest that only abortions which are necessary to save the life of the mother, or the child is likely to be still-born or seriously 'non-viable' should be paid for. All others should be counselled for adoption or pay their own way.

In Britain's current climate of Atheist/Humanist prejudice replacing religious morality, immoral action is now accepted as "moral" and those who dare to say otherwise find themselves pilloried and lampooned - or, as in the case of the charity LIFE - with the likes of The Humanist and the Guardian demanding their charitable status and licence to offer counselling withdrawn.

Perhaps it is time for someof us on the other side of the fence to pay them in their own coin - by running similar entrapment visits, collecting evidence of their malpractice - and then demanding their being struck off.

It really is time to stand up to these immoral, prejudiced and frankly poisonous individuals.

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