Sunday, 7 August 2011

Demonising Faith ...

Following on from my rant of yesterday, I note the epithet "Christian Extremist" is used with gay abandon by the left wing media now in connection with Brevik, the Norwegian gunman and bomber. There is no excuse for doing so, the man was not a member of any Christian Church or sect, nor of any Christian organisation. He has spoken publicly denouncing the tenets of the Protestant Churches the media suggest he followed. His actions in bombing, shooting and killing were not Christian - in fact the antithesis of the teachings of every Christian Church.

So what is happening here?

Put simply, his murderous rampage is being used to create the impression in the public mind that all Christian teaching is likely to lead to murder, or to some act of intolerance. The determination to drive all religion from the public mind is being carefully orchestrated by a viscious and unscrupulous coalition of Secularists, Atheists and Humanists. Under the guise of "liberalising" society and creating "tolerance" they do not hesitate to stir up hatred against people of faith, especially those of the established church, in order to persuade the silent majority that they alone are 'tolerant.' Yet that 'tolerance' has a very strange face.

Yes, there are, for Christians, Muslims and other faiths, some very tricky moral questions regarding their attitudes to homosexuality, abortion and some of the other "liberal" doctrines. But painting us all as "evil deniers of choice" or "indoctrinators and perverters of children" at every opportunity hides the fact that they have, to date, failed to convince us that their "alternative religion" of prejudice and amorality is superior. Our children are now fed a mishmash of falsehoods in the Whitehall devised and promoted "Religious Education" which tells children - certainly two of mine were told - that the Bible has no basis in fact, the Old Testament has no historical foundation is is the creation of Zionists, the New Testament is a mix of fantasy and philosophy with no foundation in fact.

The media is controlled by the left and there is a constant bombardment of anti-Christian trivia. That pillar of socialist secularism, the Guardian never loses an opportunity to decry any objection from any Christian leader as "extremist" or "out of touch" and as for the BBC ...

What is worse, there is little point in complaining about any of this to the Press Complaints Commission - guess who controls that?

The truth is that unless the socialist left secularisers can drive Christianty out of Britain, they know there is little hope of succeeding in imposing their desired atheist secularism. Nature abhors a vacuum and secularist atheism is a vacuum.

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