Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Some other views on the riots ...

From Insp Winter's Blog I got some interesting insights from the police perspective ...

This bit particularly stood out:

"To the Members of Parliment who have criticised us or mocked us, I say this: you disgust me, you sit safely in your palace protected by my colleagues your personal protections officers are my colleagues, we all face huge levels of danger on a daily basis and we are doing our best. Your unhelpful and frankly ill-informed criticisms and little snipes in the media sicken me, dishearten me and make my job a heck of a lot harder. If you feel compelled to pass comment on things then come out on to the streets with us, come and meet those of us who were on the front line, do not meet Chief Constables resplendent in tunics, do not wander around control rooms miles away from disorder. To you the whole world smells of paint, to me it smells of smoke and petrol!"

A couple of other sites give some interesting insights like this one from Charon QC (That's a very senior Barrister ...)

or this one on the family courts and the charade that passes for "justice" in them. The blog "Pink Tape" is another run by a lawyer ...

A hat tip here to The Postulant who found these links for me.

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