Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I'm angry enough to write a Blog Post

I have scolded the BBC via Twitter for giving Red Ken airtime - they won't listen, but it made me feel better. He and his cronies have taught a generation that they are entitled to everything without any effort, hamstrung the police to the point that they are powerless and all he cares about is trying to be elected as mayor again. He also has the "entitlement" disease.

In fairness to Red Ken (but very begrudgingly), all politicians of all parties are to blame - between them they have:

- removed vocational training
- devalued degrees and tried to shoehorn non-academic children into an overloaded higher education system
- introduced mountains of debt for graduates, making it seem impossible to earn enough to pay it off
- kept wages low to please big industry (who political parties rely on for funds)
- restricted housing to keep house prices beyond the reach of the average young worker - another blow to anyone paying off student loans
- removed the tools that enable the police to control rioters and put them in fear of being sued or suspended for doing their jobs
- reduced police numbers to levels that make it impossible for the police to deal with normal levels of crime, let alone riots
- adopted a soft touch approach to punishing crime, so no one's scared of being caught

The rioters are not poor misunderstood little children - they are cynical exploiters of a society where it is easier to make money by stealing, either from the government (benefits) or by looting. They have been brought up to worship celebrities and covet expensive flashy items. No teenager is prepared to postpone their dreams for 10, 15 or 20 years, so when they look at their options, they choose benefits and/or crime, because that looks like the best way to get what they want out of life. Benefits aren't generous at all, but if you have a choice between hard work for minumum wage vs sitting at home on benefits, if you have been trained to expect good things for no effort, which seems better? Those who choose to work have as many obstacles put in their way as possible, so the lazy ones think they're mugs for trying.

...and since the politicians all took part in protests in their youth and they wear rose-tinted specs when they look back at those days, they had no idea about what they could unleash. Politicians think that protest is a middle class hobby and all terribly well-behaved. They should have taken note of how the make up of the mob has changed in the 90's, when the poll tax and Reclaim the Streets riots started.

I can't find a link to the story, but I heard on the radio this morning that an immigrant community in West London banded together to defend their local businesses, so there is some hope. There are also clean up crews being organised all across London in defiance of the rioters - Londoners are angry and are determined to show that these people are not the majority and are not going to be tolerated. I just hope it doesn't turn into vigilanteism.

And then all the BBC can say is this ...

…while the media wring their hands over how mean it would be for the police to use crowd control methods that actually work, blame the Tories (rather than all politicians, which I think is more accurate) and blame social deprivation, my friend in Bromley tells me that police are gathering in preparation for more unrest – in the middle of the day in Bromley, of all places!

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  1. This is scary... because we have such good communication abilities across the world, monkey see, monkey do comes to mind. I'm just waiting to see what happens.