Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Broon the Hoon, doon?

So Brown finally got the message, no one wants him. Not his Party, not the LibDems and certainly not the Conservatives. The gall of the man and his Party, determined to stay in power at any price, trying to form a coalition of LibDems, Sinn Fein (Who NEVER take their seats and refuse to swear the Oath of Office) and other fringe MPs who would, together, give them just 1 vote as a "majority."

We can but hope that Cameron and Clegg will convince their Paties respectively that they have to do a few deals in order to get rid of the malaise that Labour always brings when in power - spend, spend, spend. And when the Treasury is empty and the taxpayers won't pay more - borrow to the hilt.

How does anyone in their right mind think that the Party that took the country from being very nicely in the black, positive trade balances, strong Pound, and no debts, into the largest deficit since the Labour clowns of 1944 - 1951 with their nationailsation thievery and trying to spend their way out of the war deficit, will get us out of the current economic crisis? They created it! It was Brown and his Treasury morons who loosened the regulations allowing the banks to take risks. It was Brown who sold off the national Gold Reserve for half its value, it was Brown who increased borrowing to allow his Cabinet chums to expend the Civil Service and spend more in their budgets than was either necessary or wise.

Labour get us out of a recession? Give me a break - and take a reality check if you think they could.

The best thing that can happen now is a Conservative/LibDem Pact and coalition. That might just save the nation and the economy. It will be worth electoral reform and a voting system that actually counts the votes, not the seats.

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