Saturday, 29 May 2010

Good news and hard work ...

The good news is that several files - one of them with some vital information for my writing - that I had mislaid in the move have been found. Inside a box, inside another box that I had examined several times in my search. Now I can concentrate on putting together the package I need to send to the publisher who expressed interest in my book based on the life of St Patrick.

The last few weeks have certainly been busy, changing countries always throws up any number of legal and bureaucratic tasks. So now I'm registered as a Briton living in Germany and today got my German Tax Number. I am also trying to sort out - or rather Mausi is - medical insurance, getting to grips with driving on the wrong side of the road and learning a new language. Today gave a couple of amusing instances of speaking German with an "English" accent, one being in the Apotheke when the Pharmacist couldn't get her head round the fact that I was speaking to her in German. As she said, "You don't expect an English person to speak German - your ears hear it, but your brain refuses to." At least we could all laugh about it - I've never been accused on speaking a language (other than English) with an "English" accent.

Back home, the Gazebo had to get its Spring oiling and that took almost all afternoon. Still, ended the day with our first BBQ on the lawn. In defiance of the looming clouds and the chilly wind. Barbequed lamb steak, pork loin steaks and a kebab accompanied by salad and garlic bread. Great to have the garden coming together and a great finish to a long, busy and yet fulfilling day

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