Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Cameron for PM, Clegg for Deputy?

Well, I didn't expect the LibDems to bury their anti-Conservative feelings, but then the thirst for power does, sometimes, make for strange bedfellows. I can't help wondering if the coalition government will prove to be the breakthrought the LibDems need to become a real force in UK politics. It was the wartime coalition that gave Labour both the opportunity to undermine the war effort and the Conservative government, allowing them to get into office in 1945, relegating the Liberal Party as it was then to third place for more than half a century.

I'd frankly rather see the LibDems become the "alternative" Party of government than have Labour ever ascend to power again in England, much less the UK. I hope Mr Clegg makes good use of his time in this partnership and I would urge both Mr Cameron and mr Clegg to open the books and reveal a=exactly what fraudulent activities Labour indulged in while bringing the UK economy to the present basket case it is.

I may have to revise some of my other predictions now as well.

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