Sunday, 23 May 2010

Fitting in

We have explored the church options carefully. With me being Anglican and not yet having enough German to hold a sensible or intelligible conversation, this has been something of a voyage of discovery. We tried the "English Church" some time ago and had a rather unwelcoming experience to say the least. For a number of reasons we have also tried the Lutheran Church, not least being that Mausi is a confirmed member, but the worship there is almost exclusively non-Eucharistic. Having discussed this with my vicar before leaving the Abbey, we also decided to try the Old Catholic Church.

We're glad we did. They are totally unlike anything we expected. Our first experience of their worship and welcome has been confirmed by our subsequent visits. Todays service was not unlike the Abbey's 09.15 with a congregation of around 30 people including young children. The church is quite small - Victorian Gothic in style - with no chancel as such and a small sanctuary opening directly onto the nave. The Mass was sung and follows the format of Common Worship (Making it easy for me to follow the prayers at least!) Even the responses are becoming familiar now and having hymns today that I know in English and Latin also made following the service that little bit easier. As this is a our third visit we were stopped by the Pfarers (They have made a point of welcoming us before) and asked where we were from. There were a few jokes about "Englandische Kirch" and a big welcome for me in particular which I find encouraging.

It is nice to think we have found a little spiritual home here. Especially on this "Pfingster Sontag" - Pentecost to the English speaking part of the world.

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