Friday, 7 May 2010

The worst of all systems, except for all the others ...

So the Great British Public have spoken, or at least those who could vote, or wanted to vote, have done so. It seems from the news here in Germany that, at some Polling Stations, long queues had formed just before closing and the officials in charge closed anyway, denying those still in the queue the right to vote. At others, those in the queue were allowed to vote. As usual it seems that the bureaucrats running these operations couldn't find their rearends with both hands and someone to guide them. There is also the farce of a Labour Controlled Borough having printed the wrong names on the ballot papers for the local election - invalidating the election!

Nick Clegg's personality cult has obviously swayed a large number of voters and the result is likely to be a LibDem/Labour coalition for the next few months - a disaster for Britain as a whole, for the Pound Sterling in particular and a wipe-out for the Armed Forces as these two parties are stuffed with "anti-military" peaceniks who always want to cut military spending so they can throw even more money at their lost causes.

Anyone who thinks the Conservatives will get into Number 10 even though they are now the majority Party in Parliament, doesn't understand the nature of the Labour Party, its Socialist ambitions or the depths of the deceit they will go to in order to cling to power. Watch this space and any given newspaper for their briefings against the Conservatives, the name calling and dirt slinging they will now employ in order to wreck any chance of the Conservatives taking control and straightening ut the mess Labour's 13 years of waste, bigotry, spin doctoring, social engineering and "tax and spend" policies have created. Only a complete fool, would believe that the party that has taken Britain from a wealthy, strong economic position to bankruptcy can now even contemplate arguining that they can bring it back from the brink.

Here are my predictions for the next few years -

1. A Lib/Lab coalition will attempt to govern for the next few years. Eventually they will have some irreconcilable difference over their spending plans or the Pound will collapse completely, leading to a "Vote of No Confindence" in the Commons and a snap General Election.

2. The Pound will continue to slide until the UK has no option but to apply to join the Euro. The application will be refused precisely because the UK economy will, at that point, have become as much a basket case as the Greek economy and for very much the same reasons.

3. The farce of Polling Stations turning people away and having the wrong ballot papers will get worse. Face it, the UK is rapidly becoming a Third World country, and this is now being openly said in the rest of Europe.

4. The Civil Service will run amuck and impose new "rules" and laws on the country while expanding even further. This will be made possible by the complete inability of Parliament to control these supposed "servants" of the State while Ministers bicker among themselves and desperately cling to the empires that feed their egos.

4. The English will eventually demand their own Parliament and an end to being ruled by Scottish and Welsh Labour MPs whose seats in Scotland and Wales are unaffected by most of the legislation they impose on the English. Blair was warned of this "West Lothian" question and ignored it, as most Labout MPs ignore the English anyway. (One supposedly "English" Labour Minister famously said "There is no such thing as an Englishman" claiming that, unlike the Scots, the Welsh and the Irish, there is no "nation" that can be called "English".) Certainly sixty plus years of socialism in schools, universities and the media has created divisions and boundaries between sections of the English population - and mass immigration from the Far East has created entire cities that are no longer "English".

5. The United Kingdom will fall apart.

Listening to the news and commentary here in Germany is not just interesting, it is giving a completely new perspective on the UK and the manner in which it is misgoverned. So much of the trash that is dished out as "Health and Safety" - and blamed on the EU - is complete garbage, it isn't even given consideration here, yet the Europeans, who take a more pragmatic and common sense approach, are probably safer than anyone in the UK.

The next few weeks are certainly going to be interesting in the UK as the Party machinery winds up into top gear and the three major parties try to form a government of sorts. Sadly, even if they succeeed I suspect this is merely one more step along the road to oblivion for a once proud people and nation.

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  1. It's starting to sound like the U.S. and not in a good way.

    Sigh. If our president has his way, the internet will become just another public utility and we'll be limited in how we use it. This comment would never be allowed to fly.