Saturday, 16 October 2010

Chile's exercise in Faith

I cannot help but wonder at the effect of faith on the way in which the trapped miners coped with being incarcerated for almost three months below ground. Or the effect of knowing that their wives, sweethearts and friends on the surface were praying for their safe return. There can be no doubt that it affected to determination of those operating the massive drill which sank the rescue shaft. Nor can there be any doubt that the entire Chilean population joined in the call to pray.

A post by the Gorse Fox got me wondering, especially now that we have seen the rescued miners and heard fro their own accounts, that they had no doubt they were being "watched over" and would be saved, as to how our leading secularists and anti-faith celebrities would have responded or coped.

I somehow feel that packing something like thirty-three people with the mental attitudes of Richard Dawkins or the mental make-up and religious views of Stephen Fry, Polly Toynbee or any of the other articulate anti-Christian and anti-faith lobbyists currently publishing adverts saying things like "There is probably no God ...", would produce a very different response. I don't think any of these people would be able to deal with the uncertainty and the threat of imminent death. Of course, you could rightly point out, that none of these people would be down a mine anyway, and you'd be right. But you may also be certain that they are only able to exercise their supposed "intellectual freedom" and pursue their totally narcissistic lifestyles because there are people like the Chilean miners who do hold to faith and who are willing to work in these dangerous conditions to generate the wealth the likes of Dawkins, Fry and others enjoy.

No doubt Dawkins et al would tell you they have no connection with the miners, but they'd be wrong. The investments that pay Professor Dawkins generous annual stipend and fund his research is intricately bound up in commercial investments, some of them definitely linked to mining somewhere. Stephen Fry earns his living 'entertaining' and thus, is dependent on the wealth of others who can afford to go to the theatre, and they earn their money in ... Likewise the lady author who started the campaign of adverts on busses and in the Underground and Ms Toynbee's family wealth is founded on slavery, sweated labour and some pretty dodgy 'business' dating back to the 18th Century.

I have no doubt at all that the prayers, Masses and faith of the Chilean miners, their families and friends and even of their fellow countrymen has had an effect upon their survival and the health they are displaying now they are safe. I cannot escape the feeling that a bunch of faithless atheists placed in the same position and without the outpouring of faith and prayer, would not have done half as well and would, as of now, by in 'Counselling' and 'recovering from Traumatic Stress Disorder.' It cannot be a coincidence that the explosion of the need for 'stress counselling' and treatments for 'Traumatic Stress Disorder' has accompanied the determined assault on Christian Faith and the constant mantra from the Humanist Society that there is no God but man ...

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  1. The biggest test would have been the first several days when they had no idea anyone was even trying to find them.

    The depth of two Eiffel Towers deep.
    It's amazing the first communication hole ever reached them.

    Imagine an atheist waiting through that time.
    He can't pray to a God in whom he does not believe. He can't know the mind of his fellow man at the surface. For days.

    How alone he would feel.