Monday, 18 October 2010

"Multi-Culti" ist Tot!

It's official, the Kanzellerin herself has said so and so have a procession of Federal Ministers in the last day or so. It has failed spectacularly, according to the Federal Government which has done extensive research and uncovered a hopeless mess. The policy has not resulted in better integration or understanding. Instead it has fostered division, resentment, abuse of the system to take advantage of over tolerance of minority 'rights' and deeper division than ever. Immigrants are failing or refusing to integrate or to learn to speak German - something I'm struggling to do, but which many immigrants feel is unnecessary as long as they are allowed to do their own thing and set up isolated "communities" of their own in their host country.

I sincerely hope that the UK takes note of this study and the decision - a brave one in the face of left wing/liberal 'horror' at this revelation that one of their cherished articles of faith is now shown to be a monumental failure and sham. Somehow I doubt that the current coalition will have the same courage, especially in view of their having allowed the Harman driven "Equalities Act" which is divisive, a complainers charter and gives powers to the Civil Service to impose quotas for employing women, ethinic minorities and gays to stand. That Act alone will drive a coach and horses through any pretence of "Equality" as it will be a recipe for the "Multi-Culti" Gauleiters of the Left to continue their dream of a Britain practicing the new Apartheid.

For those who don't know, "Apartheid" was supposed to foster a "Multi-cultural Society" in which each "Cultural and Ethnic Group" could develop at its own pace and follow its own path. It couldn't be made to wrk then, it cannot be made to work now and thank God, the German government has had the guts to say so. What will it take to get the British Political Establishment to acknowledge this? Probably a Civil War, after all they wrote the Constitution for South Africa which provided the framework on which the Apartheid policy was built...

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