Friday, 1 October 2010

Don't Grow Old in England ...

My currently favourite poet for his swipes at many sacred cows recently penned this -

Don't grow old in England
'Cos it ain't a lot of fun,
The government don't want you
When your working life is done.

You become a burden,
To the system and the State,
Something that our leaders
Really cannot tolerate.

They can't give you a decent
Despite what you've paid in,
Because you've become a problem-
You really cannot win.

The price of almost everything,
It seems, increases at will,
The pension, on the other hand,
Seems mostly to stand still.

Budgeting now is something
That really worries me.
Perhaps instead of a pensioer
I should have become an MP!

Darryl Ashton

The truth is that the unstoppable expansion of a civil service which does nothing productive costs so much that there is scarcely enough money to pay them, never mind defence, healthcare or social services. Once you add in all the unemployment 'benefits' being paid to people who don't want to take on the jobs that are available - and which the politicians frequently tell us mean we need to take in 600,000 immigrants per year to fill - you begin to wonder why you put in 40 plus years of effort to build a pension to sustain you in old age and which was squandered on all sorts of ideological things rather than invested. The 'Youff' Culture of the post 1960s has seen those with experience and qualifications pushed aside to be replaced by over educated filing clerks and it seems that the country now just wants to bury us oldies so they can look after their own pensions by not paying ours.

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  1. This is wonderful i totally enjoyed reading it as i always enjoy reading what you write my good friend Darryl..