Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Medical visits

Today has been 'interesting' as Madam Paddy had a small medical problem last night and had to spend the night shut in the bathroom, in her travelling box, with a soil tray. Given that earlier in the evening I had been diagnosed as having Diverticulitis and have been in a little discomfort now for several days, I needed a little sleep as I prepared to face the Gastrologist today...

Madam got first go, with the vet. She accepted our ministrations with reluctance and a slew of bad language, fortunately all in English Cat so the Vet wasn't that offended. Then we whipped Madam home, gave her a treat and the dreaded 'pill' the vet prescribed, and dashed into Wiesbaden for my appointment.

The Gastrologist proved to be very friendly, did a brief examination and discussion and declared that I needed an endoscopic examination but that I first had to get rid of the infection so she could do it without risking further damage. Then I had some blood samples taken - and confess to thinking of the famous Hancock sketch "The Blood Donor" in which he declares, "A pint? That's almost a whole armfu!" I think the irony was lost on the young lady taking the samples from me though...

Now I await the new antibiotics and have to start taking an 'interesting' drink which is supposed to 'flush my system...' Quite.

And all for a bit of a pain in my side... At least Madam Paddy seems to be making a swift recovery!

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