Monday, 4 October 2010

Sometimes you wonder...

I came across this on a site, called "Icanhascheeseburger" that does nothing but post pictures of cats doing some of the cutest "cat" things. Sometimes when you raise an animal from a very young age, they adopt characteristics and behaviours which are untypical of their species. Psychologists call this "imprinting."

With cats I'm not so sure. Personally I think they are doing some serious evolving and anyone who lives with them in close proximity will know what I mean. Ever since I saw an X-ray of a cat's forepaw (Madam Paddy Cat's actually) I have wondered about a number of things - their forepaws have a bone structure that could be a child's hand...

So this rather cute pair of images should not amaze us, though I suspect it will make us wonder.

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