Monday, 1 November 2010

All Saints

Today being the feast of All Saints, Christians everywhere will be remembering all those who history has labelled "saint" in the life of the church. We should not forget that all Christians are, in perhaps less public ways, saints. It is our calling as Christians, to live in the example of the Gospels and to follow the teachings of Christ. We are called to live our faith and to behave toward all our fellow travellers in this life as He would.

Today is the day we should, perhaps more than any other, remember this.

Sadly, on this day, we must also remember in our prayers those fellow Christians attacked last night in their worship by extremist gunmen in Iraq. This is something far too many Christians face daily and something we should all give thanks we do not have to deal with in the west.

For all the Saints, who from their labours rest ... is the opening line of the hymn sung at services on this day, but let us also remember each other and pray for the strength to hold to our faith and show it in our lives, day by day.

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