Tuesday, 2 November 2010

All Souls

Today is the commemoration of All Souls, the day we remember the departed from this life and their influence on us, our society and our faith. Traditionally it is marked among the catholic traditions with a Requiem Mass at which the names of those the congregation would like to remember are read.

The news of the attack on a Christian Church in Baghdad on the eve of All Saints shows that, far from being free from threat and secure in our faith, Christians are still subject to attack and intimidation for their faith. While those in the Middle East, living among non-Christian nations are more likely to suffer this sort of outrage, even those in Europe may soon find themselves open to similar assaults as our secularist 'masters' continue their assault on faith.

Perhaps, as we pray for the soulds of the departed and those 53 killed in Baghdad so recently, we should also pray for the strength to face the enmity of the atheists, humanists and secularists who seek to drive faith out of our society.

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