Wednesday, 3 November 2010

American election

It has certainly been a whirlwind of sorts and it looks as if Mr Obama won't have such an easy ride for the next couple of years.

What has stuck me throughout this election campaign is the amount of negative briefing against candidates. It seems to me that these days politics has descended to telling the voter why they shouldn't vote for someone, rather than what voting for the other candidate will bring. Perhaps it's because neither party really know what they can deliver, or perhaps it's just easier to be negative than to try and sell what you believe in yourself.

It is a sad reflection on our society that major issues are reduced to simple sound bites, often negative, often lacking in fact and frequently simply name calling. Not a good rationale for choosing someone to govern...


  1. Agreed, and I thank you.
    Working in radio, I hear a LOT of political ads, and this year was more than negative. It was ugly.
    I can only name one candidate who declared what he would do to fix things. All the rest attacked their opponents... and won. They won on nothing. Most had no experience. Some just had money enough to shout out everyone else with more ads.

    If you see me shrugging it off, anyway, it's because in a few years we get the chance to boot them out.
    And maybe they'll surprise me.


  2. Thanks Roses, I have watched this trend develop over at least the last forty years - and it has yet to deliver anything approaching fairness or stability. What it has done is polarise the political debate to the extent that it is no longer possible to have a debate.