Sunday, 14 November 2010


Is the name for Remembrance Sunday in Germany.

Though it is not marked with Parades, poppies or any other special events, it is a day on which churches see an increase in attendance and other small acts of remembrance. Everyone here lost brothers, parents, cousins and other family members, Mausi's mother lost two of her brothers and her father lost close relatives as well. In fact, they lost far more than many of us outside of Germany perhaps realise, since the family had farms and lands on the former Polish border and which are now in Poland.

The division of Germany also split families and destroyed generational links. The Allies lost many and no family remained untouched by either of the great world conflicts, but I think we lost sight of the victims among the German people themselves of Hitler's ambitions and evil philosophy. Sadly, we allowed a worse tyrant to dominate in the land east of the Iron Curtain in our desire for revenge.

It has been an interesting experience to see the German side...

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