Saturday, 30 April 2011

A Great British Occassion

Watching the Royal Wedding yesterday on German Television (The BBC doesn't permit expats to watch thier broadcasts) I was reminded once again of why I am proud to be British and why I am an unashamed and proud Royalist.The Royals have, over the centuries of British history provided far more stability and justice than the hordes of nonentities who seek to 'lead' the nation or turn it into a Soviet Republic where, as in Animal Farm, all are equal, but the pigs and their enforcers are more equal.

The Royals have retained the respect of the nation despite the best efforts of politicians and their poodles in the media to undermine them. We have seen one political scandal after another engulf the scum that infest our political institutions and organs of state, and again and again, this same venal scum attempt to dredge up some minor misdemeanour by one of the Royals (Usually the Duke of Edinburgh or Prince Charles) to cover up their wholesale theft of democracy, taxpayers money, our ancient freedoms and rights. Annually we have seen the "cost of the Royals" dragged through the papers, but there is never a whisper of the billions lavished on the lifestyles of the MPs and their fellow travellers - the dishonest and incompetents who infest the upper echelons of the Civil Service.

As usual there have been the coterie of nonentity 'celebrities' and left-wingers whinging about the 'expense' of the Royal wedding, but none of them will ever mention the business that such an occassion generates, raising revenue for them to waste.

It is really heartwarming to see the Queen greeted by cheers and waving flags, to see the newly married couple travel in an open carriage through cheering and waving crowds and the see the precision and dignity with which the entire ceremony has been conducted. The Police have done a superb job of crowd control - essential when you have a million people on the streets. The absence of 'protesters' is also refreshing, at long last the authorities have put a foot down firmly. It was made plain that 'protests' of any sort would not be tolerated anywhere on the route.

To those who wonder why Blair and Brown were not on the guest list I have this to say. Blair is a closet republican who admired Cromwell and who offended the Queen on numerous occassions. He cut the Prime Minister's Briefings for Her Majesty from twice weekly to one - which he then shifted when it suited him. Brown is an unreconstructed Marxist and caused offence on numerous occassions with his blatant anti-English behaviour and his refusal to observe even the simplest social niceties. Both are EX-Prime Ministers. The Courtiers who drew up the guest list followed protocol and invited the PM, Ministers of State, the Leader of the Opposition and heads of the Political Parties in Parliament. Blair and Brown are a blot on our history and their legacy is the huge public debt, the overwhelming power of the Civil Service and the legions of petty socialist laws and regulations.

I'd consider laying my life on the line to defend the Royals. I'd shoot the politicians.

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