Friday, 15 April 2011

A whisper of truth in Whitehall?

I picked up an interesting bit of news from the UK yesterday, the speech by the current Prime Minister to the effect that the flood of immigrants, 2.2 million, into Britain in the period covered by the Liebour Government of Blair/Brown, has placed a great strain on the fabric of British Society. This is treading on dangerous ground, I'm sure it is mere millimetres away from being branded 'racist' by the Liebour spin doctors and possibly even from being classed in the same league as the frequently misquoted and misrepresented speech by Enoch Powel in the 1960s.

The fact is that the PM is right, but hasn't actually addressed all the issues related to it. He is right to point out that the UK has not seen an influx of immigrants on this scale since the Saxon and Angle invasions in the 500 - 600 AD period, but what has exacerbated it is the Politically Correct drive to marginalise the "native" inhabitants and promote the rights of minorities and the superiority of Islam over the native Christian Culture. That is what has strained the very fabric of UK Society more than anything else.

One hopes he'll raise that issue in the appropriate forum and fire all the Civil Servants monitoring 'progress' in that direction. That should solve quite a large part of the National Debt when we no longer have to pay all the parasites 'working' in those sections.

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